Release date : 16th/March/2023

About the Game :


 Space Warden is Sci-Fi action shooter in space where whole environment can be destroyed. Use lots of weapons which can burn, stun, damage, explode enemy ships, bases and terrain. Use turrets to defend your base and complete various missions.

We leave earth long time ago (app. at year ‘2580’),

after years searching for a new home we found the solar system which consisted of 12 planets and 2 of which were habitable, since we had no other option we land on one of them. After several generation on this planet, almost half of the population had moved to a second planet only a few light years away from us. We came across a new planet that contained a new raw material, discovery of this started a war.

This material is the reason why this war started and has been going on, for generations…


Single-player Campaign With 10 Missions

Bonus Level

Fully Destructive Levels